Thursday, September 27, 2012

Influenster Upgrade

If you're a Influenster member you've maybe seen the new changes to the website. I love the new look and think it is very sleek modern. At first I was a little lost and clicking on everything but the more I played around with it the easier it got. I love the new feature to the badges where you get points by doing extra stuff in the badge category to help raise your score. I also like the new feature of inviting your five most influential friends. 

There was only one thing I didn't like. There is now a maximum number of badges you can unlock in each category at a time BUT I do see a little note that we can get more keys to unlock more so maybe this won't be too bad after all.

If you are not a Influenster member yet and curious to see the new site click here and request an invite (also a new feature). I've been a member since March 2012 and I love it. 

There is still some glitches right now as Influenster works on the site but I think so far it's amazing and I'm looking forward to see it when it's fully launched.

Thanks Influenster!!